Welcome to Pestle Herbs!

Pestle takes its inspiration from the natural origin of all medicines, perfumes and ingredients: herbs. You can find out more about how herbs can help treat minor ailments, increase your energy levels, help you relax, or indeed wash your hair! You can choose from a superb selection of organic and responsibly-sourced dried herbs and herbal products, hand-selected from the leading natural health and beauty brands, and all made with natural ingredients – with no nasty chemicals. You can even learn to make some of them yourself…

Our dried herbs have been selected without making any sacrifice on quality or integrity from the very best suppliers in the UK and around the world. The herbs are all organically certified by the Soil Association and have been sourced from suppliers approved with the highest accreditation standards.

The herbal products we sell have been chosen for those of us who have lost faith in some of the mainstream manufacturers of products for the body or the home, ones in which ingredients have been chosen for cost as opposed to wellbeing, and products which in some cases cause more problems than they solve because they contain harmful chemical or irritants. Each of the products sold by Pestle have open and honest ingredient information.

We hope you enjoy trying new herbs and preparing them in different ways that suits you and your needs.