Calendula (Marigold)

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Calendula, Calendula Officinalis, which is also known as Marigold, is a plant in the Daisy family and has been used for healing wounds and burns since at least the Middle Ages. Calendula was even used in the First World War to dress battle wounds and is now a widely popular household family herbal remedy for cuts and burns across the world.

Latin name: Calendula officinalis
Amount: 50-100g
Type: Organic, Dried Flower



What is it used for?

  • Calendula is soothing, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astrigent making it the perfect treatment for cuts, scrapes, bruises, insect bites and minor wounds, burns and sunburn
  • Calendula is antifungal and so can help to cure thrush
  • Taken internally, Calendula has been shown to help treat ulcers, sore throats, indigestion, colitis and symptoms of the menopause

How to prepare

Calendula is usually applied to the skin as a cream, a lotion or in an oil or applied as a poultice HOW TO MAKE A POULTICE It can also be taken internally as herbal tea or as a tincture


  • If you have allergies, be sure to check with your healthcare provider before taking Calendula.
  • Do not give to any child under two years old
  • Do not use while pregnant or nursing

Additional information

Additional information

Latin Name

Calendula officinalis



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