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While the West has been aware of turmerics’ properties as a dye or colouring agent for millenia, indeed since the ancient Greeks, it is only since our understanding of Indian traditional ayurvedic medicine has increased that we have come to see turmeric’s orange root as a healer. Indian medicine holds Turmeric in esteem as a complete body cleaner, a detoxifier and a treatment for infections and fevers.

Latin name: Curcuma longa
Amount: 50-100g
Type: Organic, Dried Root Powder



What is it used for?

  • Turmeric may help stimulate the production of bile and fight protozoans which might have given it its reputation as a ‘cleanser’
  • Turmeric contains curcumin which some studies have shown can reduce inflamation. This has led to its use in herbal medicine as a treatment for Arthritis.
  • Turmeric, like Ginger, its close relative, has shown some signs of lowering cholesterol

How to prepare

For treatment of minor wounds, wash the affected area thoroughly and sprinkle on some powdered Turmeric before bandaging

To enjoy as an infusion to help digestion simply add one teaspoon of dried root powder to a cup of hot water or alternatively hot milk.


  • Turmeric may reduce fertility so its best not to take turmeric in medicinal amounts if you are trying to conceive
  • Avoid using turmeric in medicinal amounts if you have a history of abnormal blood-clotting
  • Do not give to any child under two years old
  • Do not use while pregnant or nursing
  • For over 65s, use low levels, infrequently

Additional information

Additional information

Latin Name

Curcuma longa



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