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Valerian’s name comes from the Latin ‘valere’ meaning strong and although the plant has a powerful and unpleasant odour, its reputation more likely comes from its power as a relaxant and sleep aid. In modern Europe, valerian root is used in a multitude of herbal sleep and tranquilizer remedies, but this use may go all the way back to thirteenth century Germany, when legend has it that a certain Pied Piper used Valerian to ‘hypnotise’ the village of Hamelin’s rat population and lead them out of town.

Latin name: Valeriana officinalis
Amount: 50-100g
Type: Organic, Dried Root Powder



What is it used for?

  • Valerian root is the most popular and widely-used herbal sedative and sleep-inducer
  • Valerian may help lower blood pressure beut always consult a medical professional before trying a herbal remedy for issues relating to blood pressure

How to prepare

Try two teaspoons of powdered root in a cup of hot water just before going to bed for relief from insomnia or just to relax. You might want to add lemon, honey or sugar to make the taste sweeter

Alternatively drink as a tincture, one teaspoon just before bedtime


  • Consult a medical professional if you are already taking any sedatives or tranquilizers before taking valerian
  • Do not give to any child under two years old
  • Do not use while pregnant or nursing
  • For over 65s, use low levels, infrequently

Additional information

Additional information

Latin Name

Valeriana officinalis



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