How To Make Aloe Vera Gel

What you'll need

Wash and dried plant leaves (two to three year old plant for the best results)

Or dried Aloe Vera gel powder

xanthe gum
ph indicator

Aloe vera gel can soothe minor cuts and bruises as well as sunburn or irritated skin. Fresh gel can be removed directly from the leaves of an aloe vera plant, if you have one, and can be stored for future use but the longer it is left the less its power.

Many people use an aloe plant to treat a burn or cut by simply cutting a piece of the leaf off and squeezing or rubbing the liquid onto their skin. Although this method is effective, it wastes most of the valuable inner gel of the leaf.

To properly remove the inner gel of an aloe vera leaf, the leaf needs to be fileted instead of simply squeezed. This process also harvests much more aloe gel from the leaf.

You must sterilise everything you use before you start.

When ready to harvest the gel from an aloe leaf, choose an outer leaf that is healthy and grows toward the bottom of the plant. To remove the leaf, cut it at an angle close to the plant’s base. Plants that are too immature to harvest will not have leaves growing close to the ground.

Once you cut the leaf from the plant, place it upright in a container in a slightly tilted position. Let the leaf stay in that position for approximately ten minutes, allowing the sap to drain from the leaf. It’s important to remove this yellow sap because it is a powerful laxative and should be avoided.

Place the aloe leaf on a flat surface such as a cutting board. Carefully cut off the tip of the leaf and the pointed rough edges on both sides using a very sharp knife. Make certain to cut both sides of the leaf all the way from top to bottom.

Separate the front and back of the leaf by slicing it lengthwise from the inside.

Scoop out both the slimy mucilage gel and the clear inner gel which appears more as a solid gel. For most leaves, a spoon works for scooping out the gel. If the leaf is very large, a butter knife may work best. When removing the gel, it is important to press down lightly but firmly, being careful not to remove any remaining sap and dont waste any – scrape off the gel on the strips of leaf that has been cast aside.


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