Uplifting Herbal Body Scrub

What you'll need

10 drops of Melissa oil (you can make this yourself from Lemon Balm with this recipe for How to Make a Herbal Oil)

5 drops of Clary Sage Oil (NB do not use Clary Sage Oil if you are pregnant or breast feeding – some studies suggest that Clary Sage might cause uterine contractions)

A large handful of Rose petals (from your own garden or a friendly neighbour’s, alternatively you can use rose water)

A large handful of Geranium flowers (available from your own garden, a friendly neighbour’s or you can just buy an individual plant)

10 drops of Jasmine Oil

2 tablespoons of Olive or Coconut Oil

50 g of sea salt





Small funnel

Container with a sealable lid such as a Kilner jar or a large ointment jar

Melissa oil has been used to calm and relax since the middle Ages and this great recipe for a soothing herbal body scrub uses it to full advantage. With deep muscle relaxant Clary Sage Oil and Jasmine Oil which is believed to help with the acceleration of metabolism and improve blood circulation, this scrub recipe will leave you feeling refreshed and thoroughly cleansed.

Start off by placing the olive or coconut oil in to a pan. Add Rose petals and Jasmine flowers. Cook over a low heat for 10 to 15 minutes. Take off the heat and leave to cool slightly. Pour mixture through a sieve in to a bowl. Add the Jasmine oil, Clary Sage and Melissa oil and leave to cool completely.

Now mix the sea salt in to the liquid ingredients. Place the scrub in to your sealable jar. The scrub will keep for approximately 6 months in a cool place not in direct sunlight. A glass container jar which is tinted in dark brown, green or blue glass will restrict the amount of light getting in to the scrub (all products made from natural ingredients are affected by light and may breakdown far quicker if exposed to direct sunlight).

Step in to the shower and wet your skin first. Take a large handful of scrub and work on to skin in circular vigorous motions. This will help get the blood flow up to the surface of the skin, increasing oxygenation and improving the skin’s vitality. The scrub will slough any dead skin cells and the general texture of the skin should improve. Use the scrub twice weekly. Try to use glass storage jars to ensure the products stay pure and fresh for longer.

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