Acne is a common condition during puberty but can affect anyone of any age and can range from mild and inconvenient to serious and deeply distressing. The increased levels of hormones that are present during adolescence are thought to increase the activity of subaceous glands under the skin which can lead to excess production of sebum, our skin’s natural lubricant, which in turn can block and infect glands and hair folicles.

The common reaction to a case of acne is squeezing which in most cases exacerbates the problem by spreading infection to surrounding areas. If you’re interested in treating your acne with herbal remedies then consult a herbalist for the most effective and safest approach. Commonly herbal treatments will work in tandem with close attention to diet and cleansing of the affected area with gentle, chemical-free soaps and herbal infusions such as calendula, lavender, aloe vera or distilled witch hazel.

Your herbalist may also recommend herbal treatments for your acne that are taken internally to help detoxify your system and ease the pressure on your skin as a means of eliminating toxins skin such as dandelion root or red clover. 

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