Anxiety can refer to a mild feeling of unease but it can also describe a chronic, relentless feeling of fear that can seriously affect day to day life. It might be triggered by events or situations that have happened or are about to happen but anxiety can just as easily be experienced for no apparent reason. Symptoms might include sweating, not sleeping properly and even heart palpitations.

Herbal treatments for anxiety can be effective by generally calming the system and relieving mental and physical tension. Drinking a warm and comforting chamomile tea can be instantly relaxing. Passionflower contains flavanoids and maltol that are potentially tranquilizing and can be taken as an infusion up to three times per day or a tincture. Valerian is an extremely popular and poweful relaxant and herbal sedative.

If feelings of anxiety persist they can make you depressed and even impact on your physical health so its important to seek professional help from your GP, psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, nurse or counsellor.

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