Asthma is a respiratory condition that affects the small tubes that carry air in an out of the lungs and can involve attacks or spasms of the bronchi in the lungs making breathing difficult. An asthma attack is a potentially life-threatening situation and one that clearly needs professional medical attention but living with the symptoms of asthma day to day involve a constant examination of diet, allergies and environment to control its effects. Sufferers of asthma may also suffer, or have members of the family which suffer, from eczema or hay fever.

A herbal treatment for asthma would most likely try to help with coping with any specific allergy symptoms and to help relax the airways and strengthen the mucous membranes. Drinking a hot infusion of chamomile, Lavender or Euphrasia, also known as Eyebright, or even Nettle can help relax breathing by calming and reducing the inflammation of the bronchi. Simply add one teaspoon of dried leaves to a cup of boiling water for ten minutes, and enjoy up to three times a day.


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