Eczema is an allergic skin condition which can be triggered by external irritants such as clothing, plastics, jewelry and cosmetics but most chronic, atopic eczema sufferers accept that internal factors such as diet, stress and family history can have more influence on flare-ups. Working out what combination of factors and whether particular foods or fabrics aggrevate your eczema is often a long, complex job and should be done with the consultation of a medical and herbal professional.

Treating chronic eczema with creams that contain, for example, steroids, is not particularly popular and so herbal remedies for the symptoms of eczema can offer a more natural, long term option. For dry and inflamed but unbroken skin a cream or ointment of Comfrey or Marigold are often prescribed. For broken or weeping eczema, Nettle can be used to dry out the area or Chickweed can be used as a cool compress. To address and ‘clean’ the system internally, Red Clover or Nettle can be drunk as infusions and Dandelion Root, as a decoction, is reputed to help stimulate the liver to process toxins which might be provoking eczema outbreaks.

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