Missing out on a few hours sleep once in a while, or waking up with anxiety a couple of times in the night can be annoying but chronic sleeplessness, or insomnia, lasting for months or even years, can be seriously debilitating and seriously impact your quality of life. Experts seem to be in conflict as to how much sleep we all need, and becoming obsessed with trying to get a certain amount per night can actually make getting to sleep harder, but the general concensus is somewhere between seven and nine hours per night. The triggers for insomnia can range from stress, the sleeping environment, drinking too much alcohol or caffeine, or something more serious which should be explored with a doctor if sleeplessness persists or is accompanied by other symptoms.

Herbal remedies or treatments for insomnia are usually most effective when taken in conjunction with other changes to the approach to sleep such as setting a time for going to bed, relaxing before bed time by bathing, controlling your breathing and cutting out noises and bright lights, especially those that are emitted by TVs and mobile devices! To help fully relax before sleep, try a herbal bath with Lavender oil – just inhaling the strong scent of Lavender can make you feel more relaxed and is considered a great help to battle insomnia. Before going to bed, an infusion of Valerian or Chamomile is soothing and relaxing and finally why not try placing a small cloth bag containing dried Hops under your pillow to relax you while you sleep?

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