Sore throat

A sore throat can range from a tickly annoyance to a tender, inflamed and extremely painful experience. Inflamation and infection of the larynx (laringitis), throat (pharyngitis) or tonsils (tonsilitis) clearly needs medical attention and treatment but a mild sore throat might just be the result of excessive use of the voice, airborne pollution, air conditioning or smoke. Keeping the throat moist is sensible and the regular use of a herbal mouthwash or gargle can keep an infection from developing and soothe any pain at the same time.

Herbal treatments for a sore throat might include gargling a tincture of Sage and/ or Thyme, which are both astringent and antiseptic. Myrrh, is an even stronger antiseptic and it contains tannines which also act as an astrigent making it popular in many mouthwash products.

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