A growing number of people worldwide are suffering from allergies and for those that suffer skin reactions such as eczema avoiding some of the chemicals, such as SLS and parabens, included in modern detergent solutions, soaps and shampoos, is an endless task.

There are plenty of chemical-free, herbal products for washing our clothes, hair and bodies. The best herb for clothes washing is a member of the Lychee family called Sapindus, also known as soapnuts or soapberries, which contains saponins, a natural surfactant, and hasĀ been used for centuries. Four to six berries can be sealed in a cotton muslin bag and thrown in your washing machine and then you wash as normal. The same berries can be used five or six times before they go grey and need replacing.

Other herbs that are commonly used in washing clothes and body are Rosemary and Lavender, their deep and uplifting scents can permeate most odours and have natural cleansing qualities.

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